Mary's art

Being a Person God Can Use, Resisting Perfectionism, Encouragement, Resting, and Shutting It

What’s Happening 7/29/17 What I am Reading: Thank goodness, my book limbo has ended. I am finishing up Joyce Meyer’s A Leader in the Making and have really enjoyed it. It is helping me to realize that I want to serve and am called to serve God in building up his Kingdom in some way. […]... Read More
new leaves on fig tree

Life is Hard, God is With You, Don’t Quit

We had a healthy and well-established fig tree in our back yard and I was looking forward to eating some figs soon. However, at the request of our neighbor, my husband cut down a part of another tree that reached to our roof and over the fence. An unintended consequence of this was that the […]... Read More
St. Jerome

On Quitting Books, Blogging University, Comparing Myself, Morning Time, and Hormonal Excuses

What’s Happening 7/22/17 What I am reading: Well, I am on a quitting streak. I quit Saturn Run because I just couldn’t get into it. I quit I Hope I Screw This Up because it got too New-Agey on me and wasn’t helpful. I quit Stuffocation because I was looking for solutions and inspiration to […]... Read More