About Amy

Welcome, dear Reader!

Just so you know where I am coming from, I am a (here comes the list of labels that doesn’t really add up to me) vegetarian, stay-at-home (partially) homeschooling mother of 4, wife of 6 years, convert-strayed-revert Catholic, philosophy major/psychology minor, ex-school teacher, and ex-lots of other things. My favorite thing to do is to go on a silent retreat for at least a weekend but this doesn’t happen very often at the present stage in my life. I also like to go to the beach (the only outdoor activity I enjoy in the Texas summer) and be outside in nice weather (nice=fall or spring). I like libraries, coffee-smelling bookstores, second-hand stores with a book section, quiet chapels, a lonely place at a park (with no man-eating bugs and clean bathrooms nearby), and long walks. You can tell that I crave solitude and silence the way a thirsty man in a desert craves water and shade–that’s because I have young children. I sometimes like to talk to people too 🙂

After spending most of my life being ashamed and afraid and living in hiding with psychological armor on, I have decided that since I am around halfway through my expected life span (though not one day is promised) and I will indeed die whether anyone liked me or not, I may as well start living my life how I want to. I want to be free to love and be loved–I want authentic connection with myself, others, and God. I have discovered in my middle age a desire to express myself creatively because I enjoy it and because it forces me to leave my comfort zone and be open and vulnerable.

This blog is my journey out of my comfort zone, from fear to Love. I pray that by sharing my journey, I may be able to help others out there begin to see and love their own true Selves, because it is only then that we can really love others and be all that God has called us to be.