Surviving Harvey

Recovering From Hurricane Harvey

Amy’s Adventures, 9/2/17 Edition What I am reading:  During the storm, I finished reading Wonder by Palacio.  It was a sweet book that helps kids see from other people’s perspectives and showed what courage really looks like.  I also finished rereading Big Magic by Gilbert.  It was good the first and second time around.  The author reminds you that […]... Read More
Spelling Bee Trophy IMG_0700

Spiritual Disciplines, Termite Babies, Tropical Storms, Spelling Bees, and Busy-ness

Amy’s Adventures, 8/23/17 Edition   What’s working:  My husband and I were talking about how in religious life (meaning a monk or nun living in community) your whole life is arranged so that there is a focus on the spiritual life.  Even if you don’t feel like doing some spiritual practice one day, since your […]... Read More
beading attempt

Creativity, Beading, Blessings, Racism, and Resale Shops

Amy’s Adventures, 8/17/2017 Edition   What I am reading:  Right now I am rereading Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert.  It is a really good book which encourages you to live a creative life despite any frustrations and risks that come along with it.  She mentioned how her parents weren’t artists but were creative people.  They did what they […]... Read More
all the meds

On Creativity, Control, Schooling Options, and Antibiotics

Amy’s Adventures, 8/9/17 Edition   What I am reading:  I just started a new book that I got from the library called The Artisan Soul, by Erwin Raphael McManus.  It has some promise.  So far, it seems to be about how being spiritual means being creative.  I have been thinking about this lately, so hopefully it will […]... Read More
Mary's art

Being a Person God Can Use, Resisting Perfectionism, Encouragement, Resting, and Shutting It

What’s Happening 7/29/17 What I am Reading: Thank goodness, my book limbo has ended. I am finishing up Joyce Meyer’s A Leader in the Making and have really enjoyed it. It is helping me to realize that I want to serve and am called to serve God in building up his Kingdom in some way. […]... Read More
St. Jerome

On Quitting Books, Blogging University, Comparing Myself, Morning Time, and Hormonal Excuses

What’s Happening 7/22/17 What I am reading: Well, I am on a quitting streak. I quit Saturn Run because I just couldn’t get into it. I quit I Hope I Screw This Up because it got too New-Agey on me and wasn’t helpful. I quit Stuffocation because I was looking for solutions and inspiration to […]... Read More
Jellyfish at Moody Gardens

Jellyfish, Truths to Remember, and Noticing the Good

Something True, Good, Beautiful 7/13/17 Something Beautiful: The image above is from the Moody Gardens Aquarium we visited yesterday. It is a hypnotic experience watching the “jellies” float around (they are not fish, they point out). There was a touch tank, but we arrived when they were being fed and were not able to touch […]... Read More