Creativity, Beading, Blessings, Racism, and Resale Shops

Amy’s Adventures, 8/17/2017 Edition


What I am reading:  Right now I am rereading Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert.  It is a really good book which encourages you to live a creative life despite any frustrations and risks that come along with it.  She mentioned how her parents weren’t artists but were creative people.  They did what they wanted and produced things, not just merely consuming other people’s products and instructions.  I realize that I may not be super talented at any particular art form, but creativity is its own reward.  It is fun.  It is in our nature.  It makes life interesting.  Even if I never make any money or get any recognition for doing the things I do, I would rather live a life where I imagine and do things, not just sit on the sidelines watching other people do them.  I think that since I have been a stay-at-home mom, this is one of the things I was missing in my life–when I was a teacher, I had many opportunities to create things and solve problems.  As a mother of 4 young children who seem to need more than I have to give, I have felt like I was missing something in my life, and I think this is what it is.  I needed to create things and to have space and time to dream, think, tinker, and imagine.  I am also reading my son’s book, Wonder by R.J. Palacio.  It is about a likable boy who has some facial deformities and what he endures at school, told from his point of view, and later his sister’s.  I can see why it is all over the bookstore.


What I am working on:  I was trying to think of some creative medium I could enjoy and get lost in–I can’t draw or paint.  I hate the preciseness required in sewing.  I don’t have stories whispering to me to write them down.  I don’t have lots of money to spend on some new hobby like ceramics.  Plus, nothing hampers my creative feelings like expensive materials.  I need low stakes, low pressure.  I thought I would go back to beading, but use my newfound ability to embroider to create some things.  There is a whole lot out there on Youtube.  I am just getting started figuring out the basics of bead embroidery and what you can do with it, but I like it because it is affordable, easy to fix, and has endless possibilities.  Above is a picture of something I started working on last night–like I said, it ain’t perfect, but I am enjoying learning how to do this, and perhaps soon I will have a few new pieces to unfurl.


What I am thankful for:  Just when you think your life is crazy, your friend tells you about their situation, and suddenly you realize how blessed you are.  My poor friend returned home from a week’s vacation to Galveston to find that a pipe had burst in her home and every room in the house was affected except one.  They are now in a hotel and wrangling with insurance and contractors while trying to take care of her toddler and 2 autistic boys who are starting a new school year at a new school, and trying to get to meetings to plan for how to best help them, etc…  God gives us each what we need and can handle with his help for our good.  I do believe this, but she will be needing prayers.  We all need to pray for each other and remember that no matter how bad things can seem in our own lives, when you step back and look at some things other people have to live with, we ought to be thankful for the many blessings we have been given.


What I am thinking about:  I know there is distrust and tension with regard to racial issues in this country.  Lately, we have a hard time hearing and understanding each other because we just have knee jerk emotional reactions instead of looking at things rationally.  Also, who knows what the “facts” are anymore?  Anyway, it seems to me that the best way to counter the white supremacy protests would be to form your own legal protest and movement, not to show up armed and ready to come to blows.  This just feeds their hate and confirms in their minds the notion of white supremacy.  The president was right, I think, to say that there was wrong done on both sides.  The situation is very unfortunate and unproductive.  As the good book says, hate has never overcome hate–only love overcomes hatred.  Jesus taught us to love our enemies and pray for those who persecute us.  If we really want to end the evil of racism, the way to do it is through love–and maybe the cross–suffering.  This is the way Martin Luther King Jr. led people to take–the way of Christ.  This is the way that leads to victory in the end.  Violence and hatred will only perpetuate the evil.  God help us to love (seek the good of) and listen to each other and walk in the Way, the Truth, and the Life you gave us. 


What I am looking forward to:  I have been pregnant and breastfeeding for 6 years straight.  I have little money to spend on clothing.  I have little time to get to the store to try on the clothing.  All the shrinking and growing my body has done over the last 6 years has led me to have nothing in my closet except things I loathe.  I finally got to the Salvation Army yesterday for half-price day (thanks be to God for places like this) and picked out several tops and bottoms for $40.  Shopping at a resale shop is a bit of an exercise in faith–there is a whole store crammed full with possible items that could be a hidden jewel.  But who has time to go through every single item to find it?  I said a little prayer that God would put me in the right spot to see the right items for me at this time, and I found some nice things.  I am really looking forward to getting dressed today and putting on something that is more representative of my tastes and actual current size.


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4 thoughts on “Creativity, Beading, Blessings, Racism, and Resale Shops

  1. This is a really good blog post that touched on so many really good and important things. Yes, hatred in this country is getting out of control. The media has been agenda driven and irresponsible in their coverage of these issues and the progressives have been hypocritical in their condemnation of the White Supremacy groups when many of them support Planned Parenthood which was founded on the basis of White Supremacy. I am so happy to have found the Gospel of Jesus Christ as taught by the RCC. It is truly liberating and is a light to this dark world we live in. It gives a child who is born deformed hope. It gives those who have hatred in their hearts healing and a change of heart. It gives hope to those who are poor and downtrodden and it gives us the creative spark needed to be the best version of ourselves. We who profess Christ as Lord need to become the light and stop being lukewarm. May our Lord have mercy on us and give us the courage to do what is right at all times.

    1. Great comment–especially the part about Planned Parenthood’s historical association with eugenics and racism. Funny how most of those “clinics” seem to be in the poorer neighborhoods where many minorities live.

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