Invitation to the Human Party

This is the maiden post. Also, I am a dinosaur. Hopefully each post will look better as time goes by, but I shall begin imperfectly…

Ever since I was a kid, I have had issues–we all have issues, don’t we? My issues have to do with worthiness and belonging. One has to believe–and live as if you believe even when you don’t–that since you are a child of God, you are as worthy of being loved as anyone else. Even if no one else on the planet loves you, your worth comes from God. And life is too short (nearing 40 it is really becoming more clear) to hold back and wait for the invitation to the Big Human Party everyone else seems to be enjoying. If you were born, that is your invitation to come–weird, smelly, dimwitted, dorky, ugly, or perfect–we are all here to become who we are and to serve God by being the best and most authentic us we can be. So that is what I am trying to do–to come to the party. (I am late as usual.) Because I exist and I have a voice and I matter. And so do you.

Your $0.02