On Blogging, Books, Farms, and Rain

Amy’s Adventures, 10/20/2017 Edition


Where I’ve Been:  Well, nowhere, really.  I guess I was having a bit of a blogging existential crisis, and I got busy doing other stuff.  I hope to resume regular posting, even if it is interesting to no one else but me.  I was reminded of the benefits of blogging regularly while reading Austin Kleon’s most recent newsletter.  Even if no one else ever reads this thing, it is good to go through life looking for interesting things to share and think about.  It is also good for me in the fight against perfectionism, as most things done on the fly and daily won’t be polished.  Also, when putting your heart and opinions out into the world to be appreciated, ignored, or ridiculed, it is good practice in loving and respecting yourself and your right to exist.


What I’ve Been Reading:  Recently I have been reading several things;  I finished some, and put down others.  My husband bought Dune for me to read because he loved it so much.  I really tried to like it, but it is just not my kind of book.  I gave it almost 200 pages, thinking that it would pick up, but no.  I am not a Dune fan.  I read Teaching with Poverty in Mind which pointed out that when the kids have a deficit, like trouble getting along or being respectful, it doesn’t help to be upset or condescending–you just have to teach them those skills they may not have learned at home.  This is a helpful thought for dealing with my own children;  being so young, they often exhibit frustrating behaviors.  I usually get upset with them, but I need to remember that I need to teach them the proper behavior.  I read Fatima for Today which tells all about the apparitions of Mary to the children at Fatima and how her message applies to us today.  Apparently, the final assault will be on marriage and family–how very true.  I read a book called 7 Lessons From Heaven, about a lady who died and came back–what she learned about death and how it can help us in life.  Reading her story gave me a little comfort about what we will all experience some day.


What’s Been Working:  I have started reading aloud again to my 11-year-old–he is surly and difficult, but I found a way to make it work.  Remember Beverly Cleary and the Ramona books?  I started with Henry Huggins and moved on to Beezus and Ramona.  I read a chapter most nights to both my 5-year-old girl and 11-year-old boy.  They both are able to enjoy the books and it has been pleasant.  I am going to to try Bunnicula next since it is Halloween time.  The main thing is that even if we haven’t had much pleasant interaction during the day, when I read to them in the evening before bed, it is a nice way to end the day.  Any other suggestions for books that both the 5 and 11-year-olds may enjoy?


What I am planning to do:  We went to a local farm this past Monday since it was a beautiful fall day.  I bought some apples there to be used in an apple pie.  I notice that that farm is overrun with people who want to be in touch with the food they eat and the seasonal pleasures we so often ignore in this convenient modern world we live in.  So many people come for their events that it is not pleasant to go (I hate crowds and parking problems…).  If I knew anything about farming, I would open some kind of community farm that people could come and assist in growing, harvesting, learning about, enjoying seasonal-natural farm things–there is such a hunger for this kind of thing and not many of us know enough about these things anymore.  So, my apple pie is my attempt to participate a little in the season.


What I am thankful for:  I woke up this morning to the heavens being released onto the roof of my house–4 inches in about 2 hours.  I love rain, especially when I don’t have to go out in it.  My husband, however, had to go out in the rain to get to work–I am thankful that he goes to work to earn a living so that we can enjoy the life we do.  My poor peach tree needed the rain, and I think my house foundation needed it too.  I pray for the people who still are repairing their flooded-out homes from Hurricane Harvey and now this rain we are getting today and this weekend is making matters worse for them.


Read any good books lately?  How are you enjoying the season?  I love your comments 🙂







2 thoughts on “On Blogging, Books, Farms, and Rain

  1. I have three girls–7, 11, and 13. I still read with the youngest, and maybe the middle daughter will join us. We have a huge bag of Halloween books we get out of the attic on September 1st every year. We look forward to them; even the ones for very small children are still fun to read! I’m also reading a middle-grade book my 11-year-old just finished and wanted me to read called How to Steal a Dog by Barbara O’Connor. And because I need comp titles to help me with query letters, I’m reading a YA book called I’m With Stupid by Geoff Herbach.

    Hope the pie turned out wonderful!

    1. I do something similar to this with Christmas books, and we always look forward to getting them out at the beginning of the season. Thanks for the read-aloud suggestions. I admire your ability to be a nurse, run, write YA books (how wonderful to be able to still hold on to that part of yourself and write for that age), blog, and take care of your girls too. Even mediocre pie will be quickly be eaten around here!

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