On Creativity, Control, Schooling Options, and Antibiotics

Amy’s Adventures, 8/9/17 Edition


What I am reading:  I just started a new book that I got from the library called The Artisan Soul, by Erwin Raphael McManus.  It has some promise.  So far, it seems to be about how being spiritual means being creative.  I have been thinking about this lately, so hopefully it will give me some useful insights.  I also came across some interesting things online about this topic:  this post and this site had some interesting things to say about creativity.


What I am thinking about:  I have really been trying to figure out what the purpose of this blog is–looking at what I feel compelled to write and share and seeing if there are any themes.  I am going to narrow the focus of the blog to those things related to growing and healing spiritually and creatively, because each is a bridge to the other and because that is what I am really doing with this blog–trying to grow and heal myself, spiritually and creatively.  Any other things I have written on or that I will write on that are not tied to this will be in the “Other Stuff” section.  I pray that this focus will help others who are on the same path of healing that I am on. 


What I am struggling with:  Aaaargh.  Control.  I am a control monster.  I am driving myself crazy trying to do everything to avoid some things going wrong when others do them–because I am afraid?  Avoiding discomfort?  Lazy, avoiding extra work?  I guess I need to find more of a balance–the more you do everything for a person, the more they feel they are not capable of doing it themselves, the more you have to do for the person–vicious cycle…  Sometimes the best thing to do is to let the thing go wrong and let them deal with the problem as much as is possible so that they will learn.  That is one way art can teach you how to live better–when creating something, you learn to welcome the mistakes and surprises because they make the piece better than it would otherwise have been–it forces you out of your little box-plan into something more interesting.  I guess in my life I need to be more open to mistakes and surprises…   


What I am looking forward to:  Previously on this blog, I have written about deciding whether or not to homeschool my 6th-grade son.  I thought that I would.  But now, after a whole lot of prayer and just living with the situation, we have decided that the public school is the best choice for the boy at this time for lots of reasons:  it is not a bad school, thankfully;  he is a very social child and he very much enjoys spending his days being around other kids;  he is gifted athletically and that is the place he would have the best chance to fully develop;  he needs to learn to work with technology and he won’t learn it from me as I am a dinosaur;  he is getting better able to think critically about ideas and so I hope that he will communicate to us about any concerns he has if he hears someone trying to teach him something contrary to our faith’s teachings;   and also, he is trying to become more independent from me and I want him to be able to start to spread his wings and learn to fly without me… 🙁  and 🙂  So I am looking forward to the change spicing up our routine and pray that everyone will get what they need.


What I am thankful for:  I am thankful for antibiotics–there has been lots of impetigo going around these parts and my girls picked it up from somewhere.  The whole house has gotten it to a greater or lesser degree–all except for the baby.  Thanks be to God for that!  I am thankful for having healthy skin and that my family has access to good doctors and medicine.  Sometimes we can feel bad about things, but it is helpful to always look on the bright side of life!  


What about you, dear Reader?

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