On Quitting Books, Blogging University, Comparing Myself, Morning Time, and Hormonal Excuses

What’s Happening 7/22/17

What I am reading: Well, I am on a quitting streak. I quit Saturn Run because I just couldn’t get into it. I quit I Hope I Screw This Up because it got too New-Agey on me and wasn’t helpful. I quit Stuffocation because I was looking for solutions and inspiration to help get rid of clutter and it wasn’t mostly that. I did read Austin Kleon’s books called Steal Like an Artist and Show Your Work and these were good and inspiring short books. I am now in book limbo, with about 10 in my stack, but none I am focused on exclusively. This morning I read from a book called Writing Poetry by David Kirby written back in 1989, because, as you know if you are a regular reader of this blog (which you aren’t because no one reads this blog), I need help with my poetry:) I was reading a section on types of poetry. It gave examples of some “list poems” and then had you do one. I wrote one about my husband, but he said it is too personal and I can’t share it here 🙁 But you must believe me that it was very good–what reason would I have to lie?

What I am working on: I have been following along on WordPress’s Blogging University course that gives some fundamentals to help you blog better. That got me trying to focus on the objective of the blog, recategorizing accordingly, and other stuff. I still have to figure out how to add other pictures and media to the posts–this may never happen. If nothing else comes of this blog experience, this dinosaur is learning a lot of computer skills that never would have been learned otherwise.

What I am thinking about: I have been shown several times and in several places that I need to not compare myself to other people, but instead, to just do the thing I have been given to do and trust the Holy Spirit to use it in the best way. Here is a link to one source of this reminder: Making Mounds

What is working well: Well, it has been good getting up early to pray, read, think, and write–I can’t do it consistently at any other time of the day and it is important to be consistent with time and place with these things. However, the 4 A.M. thing is not working–I am grumpier and more useless earlier in the day and I am already quite grumpy and useless. So, I just hope I can accidentally wake up at around 5:30 A.M.–right now the baby is sleeping in the room with me and I can’t use an alarm clock or a phone call from my husband to get me up. I will just have to make do with the time I have–I pray the Lord can multiply my puny loaves and fishes (and minutes).

What I am struggling with: I have noticed that I am not just crazy or awful–I actually am affected strongly by my hormonal situation. Certain times of the month I am much more patient and less growly. Right now is not one of those times… I feel uninspired, unenergetic, cravey for salty sweets, impatient, irritable, negative, and critical. I pity the poor people who have to live with me during these times. I have to learn to recognize these hormonal shifts and react accordingly, giving myself grace and also trying to not FREAK OUT on my dear loved ones who suffer because of me. I wonder if menopause will make me into a nice person? I wonder if God holds my hormonal temptations and weaknesses against me? Anyway, it is good to notice and pray for help during these times and shut my mouth if in doubt.

St. Jerome, patron saint of grumpy people, pray for me!
Article on St. Jerome

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