The Strays

Prepare to battle before it’s too late You get to decide what will be your fate Declare your worth not with “wealth”, “likes”, and “friends” To beat this foe, don’t play their game–ascend! Most people are cattle walking along Enjoying the death march, singing their song It’s all grass and shade, soft nudging: let’s go! […]... Read More
Surviving Harvey

Recovering From Hurricane Harvey

Amy’s Adventures, 9/2/17 Edition What I am reading:  During the storm, I finished reading Wonder by Palacio.  It was a sweet book that helps kids see from other people’s perspectives and showed what courage really looks like.  I also finished rereading Big Magic by Gilbert.  It was good the first and second time around.  The author reminds you that […]... Read More
Spelling Bee Trophy IMG_0700

Spiritual Disciplines, Termite Babies, Tropical Storms, Spelling Bees, and Busy-ness

Amy’s Adventures, 8/23/17 Edition   What’s working:  My husband and I were talking about how in religious life (meaning a monk or nun living in community) your whole life is arranged so that there is a focus on the spiritual life.  Even if you don’t feel like doing some spiritual practice one day, since your […]... Read More