Real, Joyful Christians Make More Converts

I was reading an article this morning about Bishop Barron’s new book called To Light a Fire on the Earth: Proclaiming the Gospel in a Secular Age. It is a topic I have been very interested in, and I look forward to reading it one day when I get some more spending money. The article had an excerpt from the book where Barron describes his approach to evangelization and what has often been wrong with the Church’s approach.

It is not a mystery why a lot of young people are disinterested or repelled by the Church today–scandals, lukewarm churchgoers, hypocrites, seeming conflict between faith and reason, lack of good catechesis, and as Pope Francis has pointed out, a lack of joy among the faithful. Why would anyone want to join that club?

Bishop Barron points out that just like in baseball, you are not drawn to the game by the rules–rather you are drawn to want to follow the rules because you love and want to enjoy the game and see the value of the rules. I agree. We, as Christians, need to be growing in our own faith and do a better job of living it out. Then perhaps people will want to know about the teachings and rules that make such a blessed life possible. As the saying goes, “The faith is not taught, it is caught.”

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