Resist, Fellow Dinosaurs! Pay With Cash!

As I mentioned elsewhere on this blog, I am a bit of a dinosaur when it comes to technology. I don’t understand or trust it, and especially the people who control it. So I am reluctant to come to rely on it/them. It is a whole new world of technology out there, changing every day–some for the better, most for the worse (in my dinosaurish opinion). Forms of payment have changed over the past ten years–if you try to write a check to pay for groceries in the checkout line, someone might have a heart attack. We are encouraged to do online automatic bill pay, pay with the chip and strip of our credit or debit cards, and also the Apple pay thing on the cell phone. But I, I am going back to cash–or as much as is (reasonably) possible these days. I don’t wear tin foil hats or watch Alex Jones (very often), but I think there are some good reasons to consider paying with cash where possible.

A couple weeks ago, I needed to fill up my gas tank quickly before my car died, and I had to stop at an unfamiliar gas station. I paid at the pump like I always do. The place looked new and clean and not scary (but I did get a weird vibe). Anyway, the next day, my credit card company called and asked if I was buying stuff from several gas stations that day, and I wasn’t. Someone had somehow gotten the card number (I guess) and was going on a spree hitting as many gas stations as possible in a short period of time until they got discovered–that seems to be the thing they do. Thankfully I was not held responsible for the charges, but I had to have my card shut down and have a new one mailed to me. During the next week, we went back to living on cash–you know, going to get paper money from the bank to spend at stores… I remembered why I liked the idea of using cash initially–one reason is that you can buy gas without the fear of someone stealing your credit card number–this has happened to me twice now, and I think they must have gotten the number from gas pumps, but I don’t know for sure. It is unnerving. By paying cash in the places you shop, you reduce the number of possible eyeballs looking at the number on your card and ways they can steal your information.

Another reason paying with cash appeals to me is that I do not like people studying my buying habits and tracking me, looking for ways to increase their profits. I would like to buy a thing I need and not be a part of their database. As mentioned before, since I don’t understand or trust this new and ever-changing technology, I don’t really want to be watched and tracked and personally marketed to. Paying with cash is one way to avoid or reduce this.

When you pay with cash, you also save money. You usually pay a lesser rate for gas when you pay with cash as opposed to credit (at least around here). Also, you won’t pay any interest when you buy your items outright with cash. You also must stick to your prechosen budget when you only have cash–if you budgeted $100 for this trip to the store and see this thing you really have to have but don’t have enough money for, you have to choose to put something back or wait until later–this helps you stick to your budget and avoid impulse buys. It could also help your marriage to agree on a budget and be forced to stick to it; there is less to fight about and trust grows over time when we are faithful with the little things.

It is good to keep cash alive in this era of e-everything. I like real things–real estate, real books, real face-to-face conversations with real friends, real food, and real money. It is good to have the option of using cash. There is less possibility for abuse by those in power–you know, the whole book of Revelation thing about no buying or selling unless you have the mark of the beast? Just saying… Options are good. Anonymity is good. Less chance of identity theft is good. More self-control is good. And what about the poor low-level criminals? How will they get paid for their illegal wares? I shall resist being forced into the Apple world. I know that is where we are headed in the end. There is no stopping it and there is no avoiding it altogether, but I choose to resist! For the lowly Humans! For Freedom! Fight the fruit! 🙂

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