Right is Foggy

If I were a vampire,
I wouldn’t keep killing people
Just so I could live
Even if that were the
Way of things.
Right is Right.
I would refuse to go on
Taking another’s life
For my own selfish needs
But rather, lay down and die
For righteousness’s sake!
I would never again…


Humans and all earthly creatures kill and
live off of the lives of other living things
that had their own lives to live
and purposes to fulfill if we had not eaten them.
What are we to make of this design–

You condone hierarchies?
Vultures are the best among us?
Interdependence, humility–yes, that must be it…?

God of Mysteries,
God of Love, of Tooth and Claw,
I believe. Help my unbelief!
You have the words of everlasting life.

There is nowhere else to go.
I’ve tried.

Daily prompt: foggy

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