Spiritual Disciplines, Termite Babies, Tropical Storms, Spelling Bees, and Busy-ness

Amy’s Adventures, 8/23/17 Edition


What’s working:  My husband and I were talking about how in religious life (meaning a monk or nun living in community) your whole life is arranged so that there is a focus on the spiritual life.  Even if you don’t feel like doing some spiritual practice one day, since your life is arranged the way it is, you just do it.  We were trying to think of ways we could make our family something like a religious community and build some spiritual disciplines in so we would rely less on our own personal discipline (which is somewhat lacking). Since my husband and I lack discipline when it comes to reading the daily Mass readings, we have begun listening to a recording of them while we eat dinner.  That way the kids hear them too and we have a chance to discuss what they mean while we eat.  The kids remind us to play the scripture readings if we forget too, which is another added benefit.  Here is a link to the audio readings.


What’s problematic:  Our sleeping arrangements!  My baby is a termite.  She has eaten through the wood on her crib.  I have had 3 other children in this crib and never had anyone eat the wood off of it, nor have I ever heard of this from other families.

My baby is a termite.
My baby is a termite.

Also, I need a place to set up my studio to work in and I can’t use the space in my bedroom because this is where the baby sleeps at night and naps in the daytime (and gets her wood snacks).  My husband needs his bed back (when the baby was born, he slept elsewhere so as to not wake the baby up when he got ready for work).  My oldest daughter needs to sleep in her room again (the toddler is nuts and only sleeps occasionally–the poor 5 year old was being sleep-deprived, so we let her sleep in the living room).  I think I need to put the half-human toddler in a bunk bed in my son’s room–if she keeps him up, he can sleep in the living room.  I can roll the play pen into the girls’ room for the baby to sleep in there, freeing up the space in my room for a studio, giving the husband back his bed, and taking the wood away from the termite.  I just need to get a bunk bed for the boy’s room and remove any way the nutso toddler can climb up to the top and make sure the boy doesn’t have anything in the room she could do something bad with…  Help!


What I am reading:  I am not making much progress in the book stack–none, actually.  I am still reading Wonder by Palacio and rereading Big Magic by Gilbert.  I have been very busy with maintaining this blog, getting everyone back to school, and trying to figure out Etsy stuff.  I need to try to block out some time in the morning and not get started so soon with everything else, I guess.  Part of writing well is to read a lot.  Also, I enjoy it.  Gotta do better.


What I am looking forward to:  Apparently we have a tropical storm headed our way–Harvey, I think they said.  We have only recently become first-time homeowners and I am NOT looking forward to the damage a hurricane can cause or the inconvenience of the aftermath with these children–no water, no electricity, worst of all, NO A.C.–this is Texas in August!  Why oh why did my ancestors settle here?  Nonetheless, we really need rain–the plants need it, the house foundation needs it, and it is sooooooo hot, so the rain would feel nice.  I pray it is only a good rainstorm with no serious damage or danger to anyone.


What I am thankful for:  It was my sister-in-law’s idea and I went along with it.  She wanted to take part in the library’s adult spelling bee and I said, “Oh, alright, I guess I’ll do it” since we had been looking for opportunities for us to get together kid-free and visit.  Anyway, as a child, I was always a good speller–on paper.  I qualified for the spelling bee the year they did it (I think maybe 5th grade?) because of my written score, but when I went to the oral bee, I was out after the first round.  The word was “arithmetic”.  I was so embarrassed.  This time, as an adult, I also did well on the written portion, and as the oral rounds began, my heart was pounding and I was nervous–why?–who cares about an adult spelling bee?  I don’t know why;  maybe I was trying to redeem myself from the first one.  Maybe I just hate to lose. I had a visceral reaction to the presence of the microphone–when I stand up there in the spotlight all alone, my brain turns to mush.  The words I would easily know while sitting down with a piece of paper and a pen, I cannot see or say.  I stood off to the side of the microphone, I closed my eyes, I breathed, I wrote on my palm with my finger, I slowed down.  Somehow (I don’t know how) after several tie-breaking rounds, I spelled “b-r-i-o-c-h-e”, and I had won (I have never heard of a brioche and will need to go eat one now!).  I do not enjoy that kind of pressure!  No more spelling bees for me, but it was nice to taste that little bit of success and redemption.

Ever heard of babies eating wooden cribs? I love to read your comments!

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