Ways to Hear From God

Yesterday was another day of marital bliss–the usual habits, miscommunications, standard unhelpful reactions, etc.., snowballing to a loud, unfortunate, and unhappy Saturday at home, stuck eating your Jiffy peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with, and cleaning up after the last person in the world you want to spend time with at the moment. After many […]... Read More
Mary's art

Being a Person God Can Use, Resisting Perfectionism, Encouragement, Resting, and Shutting It

What’s Happening 7/29/17 What I am Reading: Thank goodness, my book limbo has ended. I am finishing up Joyce Meyer’s A Leader in the Making and have really enjoyed it. It is helping me to realize that I want to serve and am called to serve God in building up his Kingdom in some way. […]... Read More