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On Creativity, Control, Schooling Options, and Antibiotics

Amy’s Adventures, 8/9/17 Edition   What I am reading:  I just started a new book that I got from the library called The Artisan Soul, by Erwin Raphael McManus.  It has some promise.  So far, it seems to be about how being spiritual means being creative.  I have been thinking about this lately, so hopefully it will […]... Read More
ocean wave

My Will Be Done (butt-clench life) or Thy Will Be Done (ride-the-bodacious-wave life)

It is Memorial Day weekend and everyone is trying to get near a body of water, preferably with some meat cooking and an ice chest full of alcoholic beverages nearby. I, of course, am vegetarian, so no meat, and I am nursing still, so no booze. I did get to the pool with my older […]... Read More