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Creativity, Beading, Blessings, Racism, and Resale Shops

Amy’s Adventures, 8/17/2017 Edition   What I am reading:  Right now I am rereading Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert.  It is a really good book which encourages you to live a creative life despite any frustrations and risks that come along with it.  She mentioned how her parents weren’t artists but were creative people.  They did what they […]... Read More

Ways to Hear From God

Yesterday was another day of marital bliss–the usual habits, miscommunications, standard unhelpful reactions, etc.., snowballing to a loud, unfortunate, and unhappy Saturday at home, stuck eating your Jiffy peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with, and cleaning up after the last person in the world you want to spend time with at the moment. After many […]... Read More
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Seek Improvement, Not Perfection

When we were just married and everything was a dream away, we wanted to be a certain kind of family, able to be used by the Lord to build up his Kingdom–large family, family Rosary every night, obedient and loving children, involved in parish ministries, disciplined and fruitful prayer lives, knowledgeable about the faith, etc… […]... Read More