The Strays

Prepare to battle before it’s too late
You get to decide what will be your fate
Declare your worth not with “wealth”, “likes”, and “friends”
To beat this foe, don’t play their game–ascend!
Most people are cattle walking along
Enjoying the death march, singing their song
It’s all grass and shade, soft nudging: let’s go!
Until you find your blood pooling below
They want your meat; don’t care for your big eyes
That gazed on sunny pastures, paradise
Get up! Moo! Take a deep breath, stretch, awake!
Look and see your herd will soon become steak
Turn around now. Leave their comforts behind.
Remember how you thought with your own mind?
And gazed in wonder at beauty around–
You communed with neighbors that could be found.

We are the Kings of the Earth,
Destined to rule from our birth.
In the image of God, made.
It’s time to go renegade!

(I have rekindled my interest in poetry recently and am trying to elevate my skills by trying new things. Bear with me…)

2 thoughts on “The Strays

  1. Really enjoyed this! The imagery and I felt excited reading this, I am the cattle? Is that good or worrying? And poor cows. It’s what I want in a poem, some surprise and things to think about. Bravo and a virtual standing ovation from The World Outside HQ.

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