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What’s Happening 7/9/17

It is Sunday morning.  The children haven’t gotten up yet.  I am waiting for my coffee to brew.  I finally have a little time to share with you.

What I am working on:  I have been trying to figure out SEO stuff so this blog will be visible to Google, who really does run the world.  My husband was helping me do some of that stuff while I was trying to figure out how to join some blog communities to be on their lists and be visible to someone looking for a blog like this one.  This is certainly a challenge for an introvert and techno dinosaur like myself.  But challenges can be good for you and keep your brain supple, I guess.  Hopefully, one day, someone will read these old posts and my work will have been for someone other than myself.  Writing a blog that no one reads is kind of like planting a tree you won’t enjoy for 20 years.  It is an act of faith and hope…

Now my children are up–there goes the quiet time to think–I will try to compose some sentences…

What I am reading:  I am still going to try to read Saturn Run, but so far, no headway on that one.  I did finish The Little White Horse by Elizabeth Goudge.  I read that because J.K. Rowling said she loved it as a child.  I can see some influence in her books.  It was a sweet little story I will read to my girls when they are a bit older.  I also finished Zen in the Art of Writing by Ray Bradbury.  I need to go back and reread it because I stretched it out so long that I missed a lot of it, I think.  He talked about making word association lists to tap into his memories and other things he does to get ideas for stories.  I am amazed by these people who are so imaginative and create stories we read.  What a gift they have!

What I am thinking about:  How fast my children are growing up.  My preteen boy is starting to shoot up now.  My baby is pulling up and grabbing for everything in her reach.  The toddler is sometimes following directions now in her gymnastics class.  My 5-year-old is getting better at her reading (she would probably make more progress if I were able to find a routine and be more consistent working with her.)  As tough as it is day to day, I pray I am taking it all in and loving them well every day and that they will know how much I love them.  There is truly no other job more difficult and worthwhile than this one–raising children, that is.  This is work done well only with the grace of God.  As the nice old man at the Y told me the other day, “They keep you on your knees.”  And maybe that is part of the plan…

What is working well:  In my life, I have to prioritize–some things get done, and some things maybe will have to wait until these people are grown–like cleaning baseboards.  Anyway, I really don’t want to live in a dirty house.  I am very good at orderliness, but cleaning is less satisfying for me, and less likely to be prioritized over reading or anything else, really.  Thankfully, my husband “likes” to clean bathrooms–I take him at his word.  We came up with a plan to do a weekly short cleaning burst with all available hands on deck on Saturday mornings.  We just get up, do our part, and do it every week.  Then it is done–I don’t have to feel guilty, my children live in a more hygienic environment, and I don’t have to feel embarrassed if someone looks too closely at my kitchen sink.  It is working well because we are each doing it so it is kind of like a “cleaning party” and it is becoming a habit so it is less difficult to get my bootie up to do it.  Also, I think it is good for everyone to pitch in so everyone will try to keep it clean and appreciate the effort it takes to clean it.  It is good for the children to learn how to clean a house too.  We break up the work like this:  I sweep and mop the hard floors, then clean the kitchen sink and bleach the kitchen counters.  The boy vacuums all the rooms and cleans his rat nest thoroughly.  The husband cleans one or two bathrooms and dusts one room–they are on a rotation.  The oldest girl helps keep the little ones happy and safe.  This plan, combined with my hourly efforts at straightening and seasonal decluttering fits, is making our house–a clean one!  I can recommend this plan to those low-energy and very busy moms of little children out there who would rather spend their precious time doing something other than cleaning.

What I am looking forward to:  We are taking a “staycation” this week–I didn’t feel comfortable spending a bunch of money on a beach house this year since we just spent a lot on the much-needed vehicle we just purchased and since the baby would prevent full enjoyment of said beach house.  So, instead, we are going to drive to the beach every morning and then do some other fun things around here in the afternoons that we don’t normally get to do.  I hope everyone will have a good time and feel refreshed–I hope I am not a dreary donkey dragging around children’s bodies on my person and hauling their luggage around, remembering this, forgetting that.  I am going to try to enjoy it–life is short.  Being a donkey is something I will look back on one day with fondness.  Right.


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